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Tinkle Tube by Baby Rock Apparel

Who is the ingenious person who came up with this idea? Actually, it was Ryan Strayer, father of a little boy and co-founder of Baby Rock Apparel, makers of the Tinkle Tube. The Tinkle Tube is a potty training aid for boys.  The concept behind it is pretty simple: when taking your boy to a public restroom, instead of having him sit on a dirty toilet seat, the Tinkle Tube helps him to be able to more easily stand and pee. The Tinkle Tube acts as a guide so that the urine goes into the toilet and not all over your son’s clothes, shoes, or your feet. It is supposed to help teach little boys how to pee standing up. However, this would only work if your son is tall enough to reach the seat while standing. The makers of the Tinkle Tube say you can also stand your son on top of the toilet seat and use the tube, but I don’t know how comfortable I would be with that, personally.

This Tinkle Tube could also be of value after the potty training days are done. How many of us have husbands whose aim is not always perfect, necessitating daily (or a few times a day) toilet and/or bathroom cleaning? If you’d like to take a closer look at the Tinkle Tube, you can do so at, where a 2 pack of Tinkle Tubes sells for $8.99.


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