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Sani-Hands for Kids Wipes by Nice-Pak Products, Inc.

We Moms know that germs are everywhere, and bound to get on your child’s hands. You can carry Iiquid hand sanitizer in your purse or diaper bag, but chances are the top will come loose and spill all over the bag’s contents (believe me, it’s happened to me).

An alternative to messy sanitizers is Sani-Hands for Kids Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes. Made by Nice-Pak Products, Inc., these antimicrobial wipes are said to kill 99.9% of germs and also contain moisturizing ingredients such as aloe and Vitamin E. This way your child’s hands will get clean but not dry and cracked. Its manufacturers say each wipe can be used repeatedly (I’m not sure how sanitary that would be myself), and that the sanitizer dries instantly on kids’ hands.

The primary ingredient in these wipes, like in most sanitizing agents, is alcohol, so you would have to make sure that sanitized little fingers didn’t go straight into little mouths. You can purchase Sani-Hands for Kids at, where a box of 24 wipes sells for just $3.29.


  1. Armil of Sanitizing Wipes Said:

    Kids are more prone to germs and I guess putting more attention on kids is crucial to maintain the good health of the entire family.

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