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The Shower Hug

The Shower Hug

I recently saw this product in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine and thought it looks like a great idea.  The first few weeks of nursing my younger two daughters were absolutely miserable. If I hadn’t had a better experience with my first, I’m not sure I would have made it through. After my youngest was born, I specifically remember dreading getting in the shower because even the pressure of water on my nipples was almost unbearable. Made by Belmama and Cherub, the Shower Hug is designed exactly to combat this problem. Made from soft knit terry velour, it promises comfort and support in (or out) of the shower. Although I’m well passed the point of needing one now, I would gladly have paid $29.95 for one of these back in December. The product is available with pink or blue trim and can be purchased at It would make a  thoughtful gift for a nursing mom.


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